September 2008, Microsite


With the launch of the new BMW 7 Series in 2008, BMW wanted to start a new era of car configuration. Interone was asked to create concepts and directions to meet that goal.


With the BMW 7 Series back in 2008, BMW started a new era in their car design language. And that's why they asked Interone to also come up with a specially designed configurator and personal brochures generated through the content of users.


When we were analyzing car configurators, we felt a little bored of the overwhelming information overload and the position of the car was somewhere tiny on the screen, when it should be in the center stage. That's why we decided to do things differently by positioning the car right in the center and place all features around it. By showing what's really needed, users could focus on the car when they were picking rims or exterieur colours. The end product was a clean and simple interface that let's users simply click on the hotspot to change configurations.


Fully flash and totally functional, we designed smart functions like saving and loading visualisations, switching through different views and suprisingly receiving a custom broschure made from saved configurations. 


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