Lufthansa Italy

How did your name change the world? Italians are well traveled and settled around the globe and love la famiglia. For the Italian market we created an emotional story, finding people and places around the globe that carry the same name as they do.

Mobile and social media usage is wide spread around Italians and names have a story and pride. 

Why not visit Rossi restaurant in Miami Beach starting off from Rome?

A brief emotional intro that picked up users to tell the story of Italian emigrants across the world, before hitting the minimalistic search interface.

Starting off with the world spread of specific names, we gather the total number of and even the world rank among all other names, and not even Italian ones.

Seemless scrolling based on Google Maps made the experience like looking for a city, while gathering real-time data of the name spread on the current zoom scale. Here across the USA.

Scrolling even further popped up real places with the name you were searching for, that could also be filtered by restaurants, bars, sight-seeing, shops and more.

The campaign was launched in Italy in February during a period of 6 weeks. Thanks to DDB Hamburg and freelance team for this nice and small job.